• Chrisjefc

    Personal Headstone

    Posted by Chrisjefc Mon at 6:39 PM - 5 votes - 5 views
    Dunno if been asked before but personal headstone is a good mod for when the worst happens and you have all your good gear on you
  • tegglian

    Vein VS OSDs

    Posted by tegglian Mon at 5:59 AM - 9 votes - 6 views
    Which drop do you prefer to defend on Extinction? Comment to explain why!
  • tegglian

    Level 750 Rex or Level 750 Velo

    Posted by tegglian Dec 7 - 14 votes - 233 views
    So I almost have enough points for one of them. I currently have level 500 Rexes and 450 Velos. Which one should i buy to lead my army?
  • tegglian

    Favourite Gacha Resource

    Posted by tegglian Dec 3 - 10 votes - 30 views
    So if you've played extinction you have probably stumbled upon the amazingness that is Gacha crystals! What is your favourte/most common resource that you make your Gachas produce? (PS. I'm only listing the things people actually use them for - adding 'Thatch' etc as an option is pointless).
  • Flash

    Enabling Damage Indicators

    Posted by Flash Nov 29 - 19 votes - 30 views
    I have seen many people ask for this and I would like to see this enabled too.
  • manzar0

    dino finder

    Posted by manzar0 Nov 29 - 23 votes - 30 views
    dino finder mod to help us find our tames
  • tegglian

    Extinction - Your Hardest Element Vein

    Posted by tegglian Nov 29 - 15 votes - 28 views
    I'm curious to know - what is the hardest difficult element vein you have taken on yet?
  • KennyBlairx

    Extinction Transfers

    Posted by KennyBlairx Nov 24 - 20 votes - 46 views
    Seeing as dinos transferring is going to happen. Wouldn't it at least be fair to have it like abb, only dinos that you can tame on extinction can be transferred. For example no wyverns, Griffins etc?
  • Narya

    Dino vs. Tech

    Posted by Narya Nov 23 - 19 votes - 37 views
    Do you all prefer Ark as it was originally with the focus on Dinos or do you prefer it now with Tek? I personally look back with nostalgia. Running around on the ground looking up at the brontos wondering if I would every have one of my own. I still enjoy the game obviously with tek! Just curious about how you all feel!
  • tegglian

    PFG Secret Santa

    Posted by tegglian Nov 22 - 20 votes - 50 views
    Exactly what the title says. I'm perfectly happy to run it, unless admins what to do it, then thats cool. Read all the details in my previous post :)

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