• babyshark

    do u hate me

    Posted by babyshark May 6 - 16 votes - 27 views
  • KennyBlairx

    Community Transmitter

    Posted by KennyBlairx May 3 - 17 votes - 36 views
    Was think of a community transmitter on aberration somewhere, it can be difficult to jump between maps when you get on abb and theres no drops. Maybe having a community transmitter would get others over as well.
  • Pinky201

    Atlus animals mod

    Posted by Pinky201 May 2 - 12 votes - 41 views
    atlus animal mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1654255131
  • RawDawg

    Keep Structure Package for DodoDepot.

    Posted by RawDawg Apr 24 - 20 votes - 56 views
    Would anyone else like to see a Keep Structure package added to the store?
  • Amazingdave911

    Event Idea- Trial weekends

    Posted by Amazingdave911 Apr 19 - 18 votes - 139 views
    admins set up an area, for battling or a flight course and spawn in and show off some of the cooler items from the store for players to test out in battles or races with friends. Items like Meks, wyverns etc etc..... can also show people why they should never buy the ATV! (My Bad)
  • Strifetoe

    Monthly 300 weekend for other maps.

    Posted by Strifetoe Apr 16 - 18 votes - 203 views
    I think having a weekend a month scheduled for each map having 300s would only help player diversity and pop on other maps. PFG is about the people and all the parts in it, Not just about rag.
  • Brisa440

    Base Spawn event debate!

    Posted by Brisa440 Apr 9 - 27 votes - 192 views
    The Base Spawn events are taking place to close together in my opinion, Even with set backs. I am wondering if i'm alone in that thought or not? I am not complaining about the events themselves, these base spawn events "Fire and Ice", "Darkness event" and "Corruption event". They are all planned and executed exceptionally well, and are also a nice change of pace when things get stagnant 100%.
  • Spoon

    Please vote for your favorite guild type

    Posted by Spoon Mar 19 - 27 votes - 185 views
    Please vote for your favorite guild type and leave a comment as to why, or if you think another guild should be included. We are creating a optional guild system for PFG that offers a PFG ARK player the choice to participate in a more involved role on the server.
  • Spoon

    Your thoughts on the added Mythology animals?

    Posted by Spoon Mar 18 - 33 votes - 416 views
    What do you think so far?
  • Magicshoes

    Will valguero be the new Ragnarok

    Posted by Magicshoes Mar 16 - 11 votes - 116 views
    Will valguero be the new Ragnarok ? looks like its got potential

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