• 28

    Black Knghts

    Just a fun little group for things like harvesting, taming, building and etc.
    led by Vasoterne

  • 78

    Dragon Knights

    I have a pve group to do small things like harvest, tame and build if you are interested in joining contact me via email or on facebook or twitter.
    led by Dragonopticz

  • 247


    Tribe Odyssey on Extinction.
    led by KennyBlairx

  • 544

    Extinction - Sanctuary Tribes - All Welcome

    Creating this group for the city neighbourhood :-)
    led by tegglian

  • 359

    The Rise Of The Fallen

    Mr love tribe
    led by Mrlove

  • 383

    Swift Dodos

    Tribe Swift Dods
    led by tegglian

  • 470

    world of warships

    this for all server on world of warships join us today we have fun killing other team members ships
    led by DougChase

  • 372

    space engineers

    this game is on steam account fun create u own ships and try to do pvp with other members doug chase laptop 1 is my name on steam add me if u want to do some pvp u can create star wars star trek and stargate and much more
    led by DougChase

  • 492

    Lord of Light

    Lord of Light tribe for the Island RP server
    led by Mrlove

  • 568

    Flock of Doom

    A group for anyone who thinks Dodos are awesome purely because Spoon hates them so much ;-) Also for anyone who chooses to spend time taming/breeding Dodos they really don't need.

    Got a perfect tame or a super-stat Dodo? Share here. Pics always welcome!
    led by Rabin

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